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damn....i need reflexes like that

this was so short yet so funny! i had to watch it at least 3 times in a row xDDD

great job! keep up the good work :3

xD lolwtf

this was great. I loved it, you did a really good explination to the movie and all the crazy fangirls to go crazy "everytime a penis walks across the screen" xD

i think i could've made it shorter, altho my explination is a bunch of yelling for 30 seconds, but i like the way u did it better :3

great job and i hope you come out with some more great animations!


okay, ur a great animator and do good at what you do.....i think...

but srsly...WTF is this shit??!!? this made NO sense and and fucking creppy as hell....i guess thats what u were getting at tho...

either wai...good animation, HORRIBLE everything else

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good work

good work on this nivce stereo efect ad programming keep it up!


it was too simple

look it was pretty good, but i've seen a game with the same programming on DeviantART. but it was still good and u put good effort into it keep it up dude

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ok u wanted a review here's one for yah ^^

ok here's tht review u've been wanting......it's wai better than mine...i just cant seem to come up with new sonds and tones to make a good song and they get rly repeditive on mine so thtt what i need to work on but to me...ur songs ARE FLAWLESS!! keep up the good work

KBen responds:

Thank you my man! but I myself can hear flaws in it... like the metal sounding guitar chords synth choice thats why I tagged it as a demo... It is taking me way longer to finish the final version of this song than I thought. I am going to put it on hold and start something else.

it sounds liek my song DIgital groove a LOT

i liek the song i guess mainly cause it sounds VERY VERY VERY VERY close to my song DiGiGro0v3 but im glad my beat is liked

Bballdude9997 responds:

Its not your song...its a preset..I sent you a message about how your song came out almost 2 months after this song...ugh I hate idiots

ya dude this is pretty good

ya dude this pretty good and liek u said ot me with the arp i would edit it a little bit to make it seem a little more original and make it a little less random, but i still liek it alot great job and keep up the good work

Bballdude9997 responds:

Its 3 riffs over and over, how in God's name is it random?

Yeh...thts right...imma furry.....WTF R U GONNA DO ABOUT IT?!? >:C

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